Funeral Services in Singapore And Their Costs

Singapore is also known as one of the many melting pots in the world, where there are different races representing Chinese, Malays, and Indians. But regardless of different beliefs and cultures, organizing a funeral may not be one of the most enjoyable things to do in your life, but it’s always best to have a good funeral that is organized and well prepared. This way, there will be lesser stress, although it cannot compare to the devastation of mourning over a lost loved one, family member, or even a friend.

  • It’s very different to have a body buried today than before, as it is very important to approach a funeral services home so that they can take care of the washing of the body to be placed in either a wooden casket or cremated into ash and then placed inside an urn. There are also options as to how the body is being viewed and how long, but with all these details, how much are funeral services in Singapore?

    Factors on the cost difference mostly depends on the religion of the deceased, the type of funeral service, and the venue where it can be viewed for family, relatives and friends to mourn. In Singapore, there are funerals made for Taoists, Buddhists, Christians and Freethinkers, and those who choose to have no religion at all.

    So how much do each cost? Normally, it depends on how long you’d want the viewing to be. Casket services may already be included, as well as grooming of the deceased, but for a 2 day viewing period, it ranges from $3,500 to almost $8,000 depending on the religion (because there are more things that are used, as well as longer and more activities compared to other groups).

    The mourning period can last in as fast as two days and can last up to seven days, wherein it continues to a nearby cemetery so that the funeral rites can be conducted. During the last day of mourning, a short program is usually being held, where people can share their thoughts about the deceased and bidding their last goodbye to their loved one. At the funeral, the closest person of the deceased is usually the last one to throw a flower or light a candle with the rest of the family members and friends so that the soul of the deceased can rest in peace and go onto the afterlife.

    Costs of funeral services in Singapore still varies though, depending on the needs and the preferences of the people who would like to end their loved one’s journey by means of a peaceful exit. Try to look for funeral homes that can offer more affordable packages if in any case budget is going to be a concern. Find one who can accommodate you despite these kinds of discrepancies so you can also have less hassle when it comes to funeral costs in the future.