Civil war journal

Journal #1 -

Dear Journal,

My name is George Lee and I'm from Miami, Florida. At home, it is tough and work is difficult. I've decided to fight for the South because I believe slavery should stay. My rank in the army is General. At home, I have three brothers and two parents. I want to win the war!


George Lee

Journal #2 - Slang Conversation

Grace- I just came back from a hard battle. I had to use my pepperbox and my arkansas toothpick a lot. Hornets were flying everywhere

Michael- Hey possum! Where is the joy juice? One of the sawbones fixed me up because I had a hornet that a greyback hit me when I was tight. These bones are as rare as hen’s teeth!

Natalie- I am fit to be tied because of this war

Chris- I am completely played out in this war I can’t believe my hornets ran out now I’m `gonna skedaddle.

Emilio- My pepperbox st ill has hornets.Would you fancy some?

Grace- I met a new uppity soldier today and I was really angry. He wanted to be my new possum, but I walked away in the middle of one of his stories

Michael: Ah, great, here comes a bugger. Bully! The uppity bloke needs some tar water.

Natalie : Its not like i'm hard knocks but I pretty bruised

Chris- In this war I’m starting to feel like a jailbird

Emilio- I feel top rail number one.

Journal #3

Hi Dad,

  My camp is located Miami, Florida. Our camp likes to stay fit, so we run 5 miles every morning. We also do drills for our overall fitness and shooting ability. When we need to be punished, our camp leader makes us do all the camp chores.


George Lee

Journal #4 - Interview with Jeremiah


When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 3 we read 5,6,10,17,18

Interview question #1

Jeremiah, when you chose to stay home and help your mother
what caused you to make that choice?

Because helping your mother is important then going to war and i would not want to to die or pass out.

Interview question #2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

I hope that we win and we are all careful.

Interview question #3

How is your mom doing Jeremiah?

Jeremiah responding: She is do well she passes out sometimes and i get scared when she does and i don't know what to do.

Interview question #4

How is war when you go?

Jeremiah responding: Its going alright im doing good we are in trouble but i promise ill be back.

Journal Entry #5

Our Unites States flag is flying proudly.

We win the battle of Freedom!

Beneath the flag we cry and fly until we die.

Let's yell the battle cry of Freedom!

Our soldiers have marched to fight for freedom.

We run and shoot until we win.

My team never backs down, unless they want to.

Our leaders say - We never lose!


We won, we won.

We lost, we lost.

At the end of the day.

We suffer and cry to the bright skies.

Journal Entry #6

Dear Friend ,

When we want to have fun at camp, we like to party. We ate food, we played games , and we swam in the water for a little bit.

Hope all is well,

George Lee

Journal Entry 7  

Dear Journal,

I haven't had any injuries, but I have seen a lot of people dying by Diarrhea, and typhoid fever. Doctors used medicine to cure most diseases.



Journal Entry 8

Dear Dad,

Hi dad, how are you doing? I hope you get this letter and to write back to me. The wars are scary but we are doing good and i am not injured. I hope to see you when i get home. I will write back to you when i have time. I will miss you and I will be home soon. Got to go!  


George lee

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