Pleased to announce...

that after a difficult and frustrating year, My Ditka Her Butkus is offering it's roster of capable and serviceable players for trade!

With a highly contested 2012 Commision season fully underway, where will you find your edge? Why not the roster of MDHD?

We have many options for you to chose from here at My Ditka, Her Butkus, from stud running backs to solid starting and number two wide receiver options that could be a fine addition to any of your already bolstering rosters. I have nothing left to play for but to spoil everyone's playoff hopes, so why give me the chance? This year is really anyone's year to take home the lovely Ms. Katy Perry Fantasy Commision Commemorative Cup, so why not help your chances and make a trade for a stud player such as Matt Forte or  Dez Bryant? These players can take your championship hopes from fantasy to reality. So why not take a look at the roster and make an offer? This is your opportunity to get a leg up on the competetion and in a few short weeks, you can be snuggling up to Katy Perry's delicious rack, and let's not forget the first place winnings! Looking forward to discussing business and good luck on your upcoming matchups!

Draft Picks Only Please!

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