Photo Shoot

week 37


Check out those cheeks!! Seriously!? We had a growth ultrasound yesterday just to check on Baby B and make sure she is measuring on schedule (she is) and the tech gave us these awesome pictures! Her hand is up by her right cheek and her tongue is sticking out, I can't even stand how cute she looks! Seeing her was such an awesome feeling, I definitely turned into an emotional pregnant lady and teared up. Baby B looked great, heart is strong, she is head down and her feet are wayyyy up by my ribs (this was NOT a surprise to me). She is measuring 5 lbs. 15oz. but they could be off by a pound so we may have a close to 7lber in there. They won't estimate length during an ultrasound but she is measuring in the 20th percentile, which is mini. I am very ok with a mini squirming around in there because she feels ginormous all day, everyday. So 19 more days until our due date but we have accepted that we have no control and she may not come out to play for another 10 or so days after that. We are on her schedule and just enjoying the Holidays in the meantime! Happy Friday!