A Starry Future for Women

by Maggie Macpherson

Maria Mitchell was born on August First 1818 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. She had nine brothers and sisters .Her parents William Mitchell and Lydia  Coleman Mitchell were Quakers.Her parents, like other Quakers valued education and insisted on giving her the same quality of education as boys.

After attending Elizabeth Gardener's small school in her early childhood,when Maria Mitchell was eleven her father built his own school. There she was a student and also teaching assistant to her Father. When she was twelve and a half, Mitchell helped her Father

                                                        COMET DISCOVERY

Using a telescope, she discovered the Miss Mitchell's Comet on October the first of 1847. Some years before, King Frederick VI of Denmark had made gold prizes to be awarded to each 'discoverer' of a telescopic comet. Mitchell won one of these awards and this gave her world wide fame, as the second woman to discover a comet.