Pabst Mansion

What I observed! By Alexandria

Fredrick Pabst was a captain of a steamship before he got settled down on land a joined his father-in-laws' brewing company. Both of these jobs relate to the water in Milwaukee. He was either on the water or was using it for his beer making. While on the tour, I noticed that he has many subtle and obvious connections to water. Some subtle things were designs. I noticed that there were wave and swirl designs on the doors, walls, floors, furniture and all over the stairs. The obvious connections were the decorations and art pieces. Pabst has many paintings within his whole house of naval scenes and of people, fruits and water.

The Pabst family relates to the mentions on Solomon and Gurda's readings. All relate with the use of boats in order to travel on the water. They also all recognized water as an energy, food and drink growth, industrial growth and job opportunities.  Business and trading is also an important part of the water history.

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