Qualities in Soccer
By: Jack Evers

Soccer is the most worldwide sport in the world.You use your feet to play,feet to dribble,and feet to shoot.

You can also do moves to get around players.But, don't be selfish and hog the ball to yourself.
You need to work as a team in order to win.If you're good enough, you might even lift a trophy.

In order to win,sometimes you might have to play dirty.
You might have to slide tackle someone and get called for it.You could even flop like a fish in the goal-box to get a penalty.

To play soccer you need to have qualities.You need to have endurance. Be quick as a cheetah. Shoot like a navy seal.

One aspect of the team you need is a goalkeeper. They need to be tall like a giant,agile like a cat,and have reflexes like no other.

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