USSR Economy

It is time to explain the reason the economy had a role in destroying the government. One main reason that the economy fell was that their goods that they made were poorly made and so people started to not buy them. Not here weapons, but their consumer products. They also ended up buying (importing) more than selling (exporting). The economy couldn't support the large size of the USSR, it was too great for the country to remain positive in their money. Another reason is that businesses crunched numbers and basically lied so they could get by living in the country, this causes false profits and destroys the country. After awhile they started only using weapons as their profits, meaning instead of making toys and other products they only made weapons, maybe because they were the only thing that was of good quality.  Another reason is that the people wouldn't work because the companies were not paying well. This is caused by the government not giving to the public I suppose. During this time the USSR was in a Cold War with the United States, which meant an Arms Race and a Space Race. This cost a lot of money, and since they were already not making any money it just degraded them more. They went into an unnecessary war with Afghanistan that lost them a lot of money. Every economic plan that they have tried failed, because everyone wasn't on the same page, everyone thought they were on a different plan. Since the economy kept failing it lead to the people losing hope, so they didn't work, in fact some started to revolt against the government. After the world found out how poor they were they started to fall harder, because the people didn't like it and knew the end was near. It was like a Great Depression within the USSR, companies don't get money they fire someone they can't buy anything, so then the company fires more people and it's a constant circle. Another prime example of this is the Roman Empire economic down fall, they were too big to keep a profit in their country.

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