French Newsletter

Bonjour image from Learn French (Facebook page)

Here are some informal French phrases you may want to know:

Keep this list of expressions to help you save money for the next time you visit France (or possibly another Francophone country):

Even the French have difficulties spelling French words (especially in the plural form)!

Read this (English) article about 4 important French inventions:

Do you like playing video games? Perhaps you'll want to try out this WWI game (you can play in French or in English):

Do you have an iPhone or are you interested in technology? You may find this video review of the iPhone 6 interesting:

Are you a Harry Pottery fan? Do you play Quidditch?  Here are a few French-related Quidditch links!

You may have time over break to look at these French Youtubers to see if any of them interest you:

Have a great rest of the semester!