Understanding Customer Needs!

The key of success in the Amazon work place is delivering things on time. delivering things on time makes the customers loyal to Amazon when you deliver things on time or even early, the customers are surprised and will spread it around to friends and family advising them to join the Amazon army. The more people that join Amazon the more revenue they get making profit and re-filling stocks. Down below you will see the CEO of Amazon and he tells you tips and tricks on how to build a company like his!     

The quality of the objects are very important since the customers are after the cheapest and good quality things. Amazon keep up a good standard when delivering good things and they love to please the customers. If there was anything bad about the quality of the item the customer can be returned it within 4 weeks time period and they will gladly give you a refund or replace the item.

You need to follow Jeff Bezos's advice and the thing is he has the world's number one company he knows everything you must know about it.

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