The Golden Ratio

Name: Amina Lukman Teacher: Ms. Lemos Date: February 4th

Before adding measurements.
Final Product!

The Golden Ratio is equal to 1.618 so when the longer side of the picture is equal to 48 and the shorter side 30 which if you divide is 1.6 and if you have any number along the lines of that (example is 24 and 15) your picture is in the Golden Ratio. My picture is in the Golden Ratio because the shorter side is equal to 15 and the longer part 24 so when I divide that it is 1.6. The building on your right as you can see is the 3rd largest square and the small square next to it is the flower bed on my picture. On top the two smaller squares are taken up by bushes and as you can see the small fountain is in the 2nd largest square. The main fountain is in the biggest square with other bushes and buildings. Pictures are not the only thing you can see the Golden Ratio in. You can see them in buildings, nature, and even humans!

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