Alex Wilson S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster Evaluation

This movie poster is a really good example of how they can get people to want to watch the movie. It really grabs the attention of the person who is viewing the poster. There is a big image that captures the attention of the viewer. I think that is good at drawing attention because of the large, shocking image of the burning building with the batman logo in flames. And then they added, "Welcome to a world without rules." This would make me wonder what is happening in the image and make me want to go see the movie. This poster also gives a good idea of what the movie is going to be about. The viewer can tell it is going to be about batman because he is standing right in the front. They could also conclude that something drastic is going to happen in the city because of the burning building. So he is obviously going to try and stop the bad guys. After viewing this movie poster, I believe people will want to watch this movie because they will want to see what happens to batman and the city and if he can save it.

Top 3 Promotional Stratagies

Promoting the movie is how you will get people to come to it. If people don't know what it is about, they might not want to see it. They may not even know it exists! So, before the movie comes out, they need to promote it. The top 3 ways I thimk would be best to promote a movie is:

1. A TV movie trailer: People like watching tv. If they are watching tv and they see the trailer to your movie, it would give the viewer a taste of what the movie is going to be about might catch their attention and it could make them want to go see your movie. it is the studios first chance to let people know what the movie is about, if they get it wrong, it could make people not see the movie.

2. Internet Advertising: Using the internet to promote a movie is a great way to get people to know about it. People would be able to watch videos and read about what the plot of the movie is. You can also advertise the movie on social media websites. In doing so, you could get fans to start conversations about the movie, talking about if they think it is going to be a good movie and make them get engaged with it. They could also have exclusive content available on a website, like extra seasons of the movie. It would also make people more aware of the movie when someone shares something about the movie. All of their Facebook friends or twitter followers will see that and wonder about the movie and maybe make them want to go see it.

3. Make a movie poster: If the people making a movie create a movie poster, they would need to make it eye catching enough so that it will make the person looking at it wonder what the movie is about and make it so he wants to go see it. They would also need to have it tell a bit about what the movie is about and what is going to happen in it.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

I feel that this movie trailer is a great example of how movie producers use movie trailers to promote the movie. It lets the viewers get a small sample of the movie and decide if they want to see it or not. This is the first chance for the viewers to get a feel what the movie was about.

This trailer was very good because: 1. It used clips from the beginning of the movie. 2. They teased the plot line, but left viewer wanted to see more. 3. Use clips from the climax of the movie. 4. Used clips that depicted the general feel of the movie.

I would rate this trailer a 5 out of 5 on letting the viewer know what the plot is. They still left me wanting more in the end. They did show the climax, and showed clips that give the general feel of the movie. After watching this movie, I could tell you what exactly this movie is about and where the climax of it was.

Changes in TV Viewing

The way people are watching tv is changing. Today, there are many different channels showing a variety of different TV shows that attract different kinds of people. Also, people can now watch TV shows after they originally air on live TV using the internet. If people want to go watch a TV show that they missed when it was on live TV, they could just look it up online and watch it there.

Some ways TV networks could use this to their advantage is not allowing the episode to be shown on the internet right away. That will make the people want to watch the show when it airs on live TV. TV networks could also use the internet to their advantage to promote the shows and encourage people to watch them live. They could also use social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, to promote the show. They could do this by getting the viewer involved by asking questions trying to get a response from viewers or they could provide exclusive content that could not be found anywhere else. They could ask the people on the site to also do something, like "like" the post or share it with their Facebook friends. By doing this, they will get even more publicity, which would lead to more viewers.

They could also use social media to make the fans feel like they are connected with the actors. Like having the actors stay active on Twitter and Facebook by posting on their walls and twitter feeds.

Amusement Park Deal

If I ran my own amusement park, I would have certain deals that would make people want to come to my park instead of others. Something I would need to do is to get people to stay longer and spend more money at my park, because amusement parks are hard to make profitable. I would do this by bundling tickets, like if you buy four tickets, you get a fifth free. I would do this to get whole families to come so they would spend more money.

I could also build a hotel or resort near the amusement park to encourage families to stay more then one day. By doing this, I could give families of a certain number discounts on tickets to the park or different merchandise if they stay multiple nights at my hotel. I could also make certain passes that people could buy that would let the people cut to the front of the line. I would be able to make even more money off families buy doing this.

To draw more attention to my park, I could have certain unique rides that are only at my park, like how Universal Studios has the Harry Potter portion of the park. I would team up with a very known series of books or movies that would draw in different customers who wouldn't have wanted to go in the first place.

Last, I wouldn't want to just promote the rides and attractions, but would want to promote the experience you and your family would have as a family. I would convey the kinds of emotions the people would have form going, including fun, excitement, and family bonding they wouldn't have gotten from going anywhere else.

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