Native Amercians In GA

By:Lakeisha Harvey

The Paleo Time Period

The Paleo period lived from 11,000-8,000 B.C. and lived during the Ice Age. the Paleo way of life is they hunt with heavy spears with Clovis point. They invented the atlatl (a spear throwing device). they live in groups of 25-50 people and moved from place to place when they died they buried their dead with artifacts. their dwellings is a non permenant pits or bushes covered with bark. they depend on flint(a special kind of rock that make fire when rub together. They hunted large Game Bison, Giant Sloths, and wooly mammoths.

The Archaic Time Period  

The Archaic time period excisted since 8,000-1,000 B.C. the developed st0one knives and spears with smaller points. they used fire to cook and stay warm. they moved less than the Paleo Indians, but still migratory. they lived to see the end of the ice age. their dwellings was small, simple house. they hunted for their food they ate like deer, bear, turkey, and rabbits because the large animals came to an extinct.

Wodland Time Period

They existed since 1,000 B.C-900 A.D. they are more adva