October P.E Project

Nathan bickhart day 2 hour 4

Mointain Bay trail

These two pictures were taken on the bridges above the roads Cardinal and Woodale.

Visit a park                                               Pinewood park

The park I visited was quite small, but it still had many things to do. There was a basic playground with monkey bars and swings and slides, a basketball court, a baseball diamond. And even a little building off the side with restrooms. The parking lot was also big enough to hold enough cars for some kind of birthday party or small event.

Disc golf park                                         Azko Nobel

At Azko Nobel disc golf park to can sometimes be hard to navigate, but it is still fun. There is a small parking lot, a porter potty, and every once in a while a map to tell you were the next hole is. at this time of year, a disc thrown into the woods is easy to find,  but   a disc thrown into the tall swampy grass may take forever to find. It is also very easy to get a disc thrown into a tree.

Disc golf skill                                                         putting the disc

When in close range of the basket, you need to no longer focus on getting as close as possible to the basket, but making it inside. You can do this by aiming for the chains and throwing gently. This in game can be used to make it in the basket when you are near it.

Letter boxing                                                  Treasure chest (closest to medowbrook)

We found the letter box that was called treasure chest on the website. It was quite close to medowbrook.                           

*Note* I was unable to upload my imovies to YouTube. Whenever I pressed the upload button and sent it to YouTube, it would load for a long time and then show a message saying "failed to upload to YouTube". I tried this with iMovie and with the camera role. Every time I did it I made sure I was logged into YouTube. I even tried your tips on schoology and it still would not work, so therefore I am unable to load or have any videos in my tackk.

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