Benefits of Virtual Offices Singapore

If you are a startup, looking for a new office or perhaps an international company looking for a temporary office in Singapore, consider paying up for a virtual office Singapore - and enjoy the benefits of a fully serviced office without bearing the commitments of an office. With such an office, you get to enjoy the services of an excellent support team which manages your calls and mails as well as get a prime business address for your business. Following are some of the benefits of virtual offices;

Cost effective

Maintaining a fully functional leased office in a place such as Singapore is very expensive; therefore, paying for a virtual office saves money for a business owner in many ways. With such an office, you don’t have to hire any office staff such as a receptionist, messenger, or even personal assistant. The virtual offices Singapore leasing company will provide you with all services pertinent to an office. Clearing bills and renovations are a thing of the past with a virtual office.


The first Impression communicates a lot about just everything. The lack of an official address or having a home address as your office address won’t go down well with your potential clients. First, a home address is unprofessional and second clients will question the viability and stability of the business. Having a prime CBD business address and stylish offices in an excellent location will create the perfect impression for your company.


Without a full commercial address, you cannot incorporate a company in Singapore. Foreigners looking to incorporate a company should consider leasing such an office to assist them get incorporated fast. Some corporate serviced virtual offices Singapore even come with a company secretary, accounting and audit services and a local director all in house to help your company get incorporated.

Office equipment

Serviced offices come with all necessary office equipment. Getting all these equipment and keeping them well maintained and up to date is costly. In addition, you can even send your documents in the office from overseas and have the support staff work on them and deliver them to your clients. With such a serviced office, you don’t have to be in Singapore to cut deals.

Other benefits

Fast internet access and IT support

Dedicated telephone services

Virtual assistance

Corporate email services

Consider the above benefits of virtual offices Singapore and consider hiring one for your business.