Ravers-Land was founded in 198, when most raves started. This country was cre

Ravers-Land was founded in 1980, when most raves started. This country was created for all types of ravers. Ravers from all over the world have come here to set up their lives and start an uncommon family. In this country you only get 4 hours of sleep every day. You eat, sleep, rave, and repeat.

This country doesn't count with no security whatsoever, because there is no need for it. all ravers are pacific.. for most of the part. There is no government in here, it is basically an anarchy. Nobody can tell you what to do, you do whatever you want whenever you want, except for sleeping, that's just 4 hours per day. In case there is any trouble, you will be kick out of Ravers-land for ever.

Our ravers speak many different languages due to the fact that they come from different parts of the world. Some speak Spanish, others Portuguese, other french, some English, and many other different languages. We really do not care what language you speak, cause I mean, almost part of all the day you would be screaming and cheering and dancing. Some people do learn many languages when they have their 4 free hours every day.

Ravers-land does count with and economy though, which is called Kandi. Kandi is an economy in which ravers trade Kandi bracelets to purchase anything they need. Kandi bracelets can be found in every person's wrists. There is a specific way of trading Kandi bracelets though.

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