Email Etiquette

Sierra Hernandez

1. Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

This important because you want people to understand what your saying and you want it to look nice.

2. Do not write in all CAPITALS.

This is important because some people might think that your yelling at them or your angry.Also they could take it the wrong way.

3. Don't reply to spam.

This important because if you reply it could get worse and it could have a virus.

4. If your writing a teacher about a project or assignment, make sure you give some background information.

This is important because you want to get the right information and you want your teacher to understand what your asking for.

5. Make sure you read out loud your email before you send it.

This is important because you want to check to see if it sounds rude or maybe to see if you have any mistakes.

6. Be careful of what you send. Sometimes you won't even notice that you typed something that could be rude or mean.

This is important because it could be rude and hurt someones feelings or it could be a picture you send and someone could send it to someone else.

7. Write in a positive tone.

This is important because someone could hurt their feeling or you could cause an argument on the internet.

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