Tornadoes are one of mother nature's deadliest natural storms  

The EF tornado scale

level:  MPH:          Damage estimate:

EF 0: 40-72          Damage roofs and pick up branches

EF 1: 73-112         Breaks glass turns over mobile homes/ vehicles

EF 2: 113-157        Roofs of houses torn-off and foundations shifted

EF 3: 158-207       Entire stores of houses destroyed

EF 4: 208-260        Cars thrown and destroys houses

EF 5: 261 (or greater)  levels everything in its path

Storm chasers

Storm chasers put them self inside the tornado to study it and create better warning systems.

A video from inside a storm chaser's vehicle

*this video contains censored swear words *this tornado footage ends a 2:49


In 1996 a instant classic movie called twister swept the nation.

In 2014 a movie there was under rated called into the storm was released.

* this video contains swear words

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