European Exploration Proposal

By: Yashita Keswani

I know what you are looking King Henry .

You are looking for fur,  to wear and to sell to other countries and I know for sure were we can find that.  We need to you to fund our trip to the new world.  When I bring back the fur we can brag to England and Spain about our amazing clothes and rugs.  They will then want to buy the fur and then our country will get rich.  All that England is looking for is gold, but from what I have heard there is no gold in the new world, but there are lots of animals with fur we can kill to get the fur.  I will go far and wide to find what you want.

We will go October 22, 1611.

Our Exploration Route

We will go to the Southern part of the new world to find what you need

What other countries are looking for

Spain and England are looking for different recourses. England is looking for gold and Spain only looking for spices.  No one is looking for what we are looking for so we will have plenty of what we want.

Stuff I Will Need

We will need you provide us with these materials.  Ships is a necessary to travel to the new world.  Food and water will help us survive and to get energy.  Wood will help us to build shelters for us in the new world.  The anchor will help us anchor our ship and the ropes  will help us climb and help us pull people of board on to board.

What I plan to do if I meet other people.

What I will do if I meet other people. If I meet other people other than Europeans I will try to change them to Catholicism  but I am mostly there for the fur. If I meet other Europeans trying to steal what we are there for I will kill them.  


Some obstacles  I might encounter are that I might run out of water and a way I plan to solve that Is I plan to take some sort of heating system so I can boil the water to clean and I plan to take a net like thing to get the salt out of the water.  We might also run out of water so I plan to take fishing materials so we can eat fish.

These are all the reason you should pick me to go the the new world.

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