Diary of Jordyn O'Flannery

It is February 16, 1863. My name Jordyn O' Flannery, and I am 26 years old.  I have decided to be on the Union side. I used to live in Alabama, but recently moved to Ohio because my husband, Gabriel O' FLannery joined and decided to serve the Union. My younger sister, Scarlett O'Hara, joined my husband and I when we moved to Ohio. She lives with us and helps  me take care of my 4 children, Nathaniel O' Flannery, Morgan O' Flannery, Brennan O' Flannery, and Keisha O' Flannery.  Nathaniel is 10 and belongs to both my husband and myself, Morgan is 8 and also belongs to my husband and myself. Gabriel and I rescued Brennan and Keisha from their mother who is a slave. Brennan is 14 and his younger sister is 2.  

Day 1. Life is Fun.

It is February 17, 1863. It is windy outside here in Ohio.  It is in the morning. Keisha is stuck in the house, she has the flu. Scarlett is keeping the children company outside, while I tend to Keisha. I look outside to see the children playing with an old ball found in the yard when we moved here. Later after Keisha wakes up from her nap, i take her outside to get some fresh air. I had to keep her from the other children. She just doesn't understand. Right now I am waiting for a letter or something from Gabriel because I do not know where he is stationed. They truly have him all over the place. The kids and I miss him. Scarlett and I let the kids run around playing tag through the house, while her and I make lunch. After lunch we set up pillows and blankets on the floor and couch. I get the fire place started because it awful cold in the house. We settle down  to  read a book. After 10 minutes I hear a knock on the door and hope that it is Gabriel.  Scarlet opens the door and there is a soldier at the door. It is 3 in the afternoon and the soldier is asking if we have any blankets to spare. Morgan runs over and hands the man her blanket and tells him that he can have it. Brennan and Nathaniel soon follow. The soldier thanks us and tells us that he can't thank us enough. Later, after the soldier had come and left I got the school books for Brennan, Nathaniel, and Morgan to learn. First they work on their math, then they move onto their English. While I am checking the Children's work, Scarlett is getting the stove ready to cook dinner. When getting up to get dinner started there is a knock on the door. Brennan goes and opens it. I walk over to find that it is the soldier from earlier with a few others. This is the first time soldiers have ever been to the house since we moved here. The soldier from earlier speaks up and asks if they can have dinner with us and sleep in the house because it is cold outside. I let them in and get them blankets. They sit by the fireplace to get warm. Scarlet steps out of the kitchen to see what is going on. I tell her that we have some guests and that we will have to combine the children into my bedroom tonight. Scarlet agrees and tells us that dinner is ready. We serve the guests first then help ourselves, even though the men tell us to get ours first. I tell them that it wouldn't be the polite thing to do. After dinner the men go back to the fireplace. Brennan and Nathaniel go out to get more wood for the fire. When they come back in I tell them to go get their stuff from their rooms and take it to mine. Morgan does the same. I show them where their rooms are and tell them goodnight. I take the children upstairs and tell them to go to bed, but they refuse to go to bed without finishing the story from earlier. I go downstairs and get the book and tell the men good night once again. I walk back upstairs and climb in bed with the children and they all surround me. I read the story and we all fall asleep. Good night!

Day 2.

Dear Gabriel,

It is February 18, 1863, and I truly miss you. I miss not knowing where you are located, and knowing that you will probably not receive this letter, which truly worries me. The children miss you, especially Nathaniel. Nathaniel and Brennan are always fighting about who is the man of the house while you are gone. I keep telling them that they are just fighting because they know that they miss you and that they need to prove to you how good they can run the house. Keisha has just gotten over the flu which she had for the past 3 weeks. Morgan helps with the cooking and helping with the laundry. I know she is starting a little young, but she is a great help. We have recently had 3 soldiers move in to the house with us. They are always gone before we wake, but are back after supper. In the evenings they often help Brennan and Nathaniel with the wood, and keeping the house warm. Scarlett and and Private Clayton are really hitting it off. He is always looking at her, and Morgan and I think that they will get married. Morgan has already began talking about the wedding. We are all worried about you. We recently heard about a battle- The Battle of Dover, and with us not knowing where you are located, we are so terrified that you are gone. Please try to come home soon, or just right back... tell us where you are, just give us something to go off. I'm afraid that we are soon going to lose hope.

                    With love my sweet Gabriel,


Day 3.

I woke up unusually early this morning. I went downstairs and found that the soldiers were still there. I went over to them and asked if they needed anything. They said that they were fine and asked if I needed anything. I looked over at the basket where my letter for Gabriel was. I hadn't had any time to send it. I walk over and grab the letter and hand it to one of the soldiers. I asked if he ever had the chance if he could try and find Gabriel. He asked me to describe him. I told him that he had dark brown hair. He has the greenest eyes, and is around 6'1".  The soldier who I expected to be the mail runner got up and started heading for the door. I asked him where he was going. He replied that he was going to find Corporal O' Flannery. As he finished he went and saddled his horse and left. I couldn't thank him enough. I had started to cry. As I got myself together I walked over to the two other soldiers and poured them another cup of coffee, and then went to get the fire started for them. They said that they had clothes that needed washed if I didn't mind doing them. I told them that their clothes would be washed and dried by the time they got back later that night. They thanked me and went out the door to report in. After they left I went upstairs to get their clothes, while walking by my room where the children were- I heard little noises like someone was in pain. I open the door to find that Brennan, Morgan, and Nathaniel were all sick. I ran to Scarlett's room, and told her to run to the store and get medicine. She got dressed as soon as possible and left. I told the children to stay in the room and that Aunt Scarlett went to go get medicine. They just groaned and layed back down. I brought water up and set it right inside the doorway and then closed the door again. I went and checked on Keisha who was in Scarlett's room. Keisha was still sleeping so I woke her up and took her downstairs so that I could get the laundry done. She took one of her toys and ran outside behind me. She sit down in the grass and I handed her a banana for breakfast. I went and hung up the laundry to dry. I heard Keisha scream and look over at her. Soldiers were walking up towards the house. Keisha runs over to me, and I pick her up. I walk over to the soldiers and ask what they needed. They told me that they needed food and somewhere to get out of the cold. I told them that I can make them food, but they would have to stay in the barn because of the children being sick. I show them the barn and go get cots and blankets for them to sleep on. There are about 10 of them so i go to get dinner ready. I walk out of the barn to see Scarlet riding up on her horse with the medicine. I yell at her to take it to the children, and that we have more guests so I am going to make dinner. I go inside the house to make dinner. I decide to make chili because it is easy to make and you can easily make it for 20 people. I make cornbread to go with the chili and set out bowls and silverware. I get lemonade out and cups and set them on the table. Scarlett comes down and takes chili up to the kids. I bring the men in to get their bowls. After dinner they sit by the fireplace and talk about what they are going to do next. I told them to help themselves with whatever they need. With that the two soldiers walk into the house and i tell them that there is chili and cornbread in the kitchen for them. They go and serve themselves because they refused for me to serve them. I told them that they can still stay in the house but warned them about the children. They decide to go out in the barn to give the children more space and so they can speak about their strategies. They all get up and go outside to the barn except the two soldiers from before. I ask them if they heard anything from the soldier who had my letter. They had heard of an O'Flannery up in New York. I got excited then and told him thanks and I ran up to Scarlet and the children to tell them. The children are so tired that they really don't show emotion, but I know they are excited and they have hope now. They all fall back asleep and Scarlet and I head to her room with Keisha to sleep. Good night!

Day 4.

This morning I woke up and went downstairs. The soldiers were making a lot of noise and I wanted to know what was going on. I went outside to see what was going on. I look over and see that the soldier that took my letter has come back. I run over to him. He looks down at me and hands me a letter. I can tell that he is worn out. I asked him how far he had to go. He said that he caught a train to New York and arrived there late yesterday evening. He found Gabriel and fave him my letter. I got excited. I had a sign of relief. Gabriel was alive and that was all that mattered. He said that he made Gabriel read the letter right then and there and to write me back right after he was done reading, so that he could catch a train back home. He said that Gabriel read it and began to read and right. He told me that Gabriel misses me and the children, and that he was sorry for not writing. I look at the letter and then look back at him. I thank him and excuse myself. I walk inside and fun upstairs to the children. They wake up and Scarlet comes in holding Keisha. I told them about what happened. The kids were smiling and jumping up and down on the bed. Scarlet said thank goodness. I tell the kids to settle down and I open the letter and begin to read.

My Dear Jordyn,

It is February 19, 1863. I apologize because this letter shall be short, but I will tell you what I can. I miss and love you dearly. I miss hearing the children laugh, and hopefully I will make it home soon. Life is hard. It is very cold up here in New York. I get moved all over the place, but they said I will stay here for the next few months. I was in the battle of Hartville last month, but they put me on a train right afterwards because I had gotten shot in the wrist and they had to remove it. I am sorry that I have to tell you over a letter, but I still love you and it is just a little part of me. I want you to tell the boys to stop fighting and just to work together. Tell Morgan that I am so proud of her ad keep up the good work. Tell Keisha to get well. Give everyone big hugs and kisses from me. Tell Scarlet to lighten up and go after that soldier. I will be home soon, but until then be safe and help whoever you can.



Day 5.

Abraham Lincoln has signed the Emancipation Proclamation. He is attempting to stitch together a nation, that I fear may not be able to be stitched together. This world is a mess. The south and the North are just to different to come together.

What Lincoln is doing is a great thing trying to bring us together. He has fought to get rid of slavery and make everyone equal. But at the looks of the end of 1862, the union was failing.  I read that Lincoln was more worried at that point about saving the union instead of getting rid of slavery. He didn't want his people dead.

Lincoln signed it to hopefully make this world stronger, and a better place for the people and the children. He made a proclamation to get rid of slavery in rebellious states. I fell like Lincoln did the right thing about following what he believes, and that it doesn't backfire on him in the near future.

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