By: Caleb Holmes

Appearance of the Animal:

Narwhal is a pale color with bluish black top with spots.They have two teeth.The permanent teeth grows into a tusk that gets up to 8.8 feet long.The tusk grows from its upper lip.Female tusks are much smaller than male tusks.the narwhal is known as unicorn whale.

This animal's habitat:

                     Narwhal lives in the Ocean

Where in the world does this animal live

Narwhals  live in arctic circle in Greenland and Canada

What is this animal's prey?

     Narwhals eat fish shrimp squid and other aquatic fare.

Who or what are this animal's predators?

Polar bears and walruses eat narwhals.Some people hunt narwhals for their tusks and skin for vitamin C.

An interesting fact about this animal:

         Baby narwhal is a calf.narwhal can get up to 3,500            pounds.

Another interesting fact about this animal:

Another interesting fact about this animal: