I Capture The Castle

By: Jess Hogan

Title: I Capture The Castle

Author: Dodie Smith

Genre: Fiction

Setting: England

Characters: Cassandra Mortmain, Rose Mortmain, Thomas Mortmain, Topaz, James Mortmain, Stephen Colly, Miss. Marcy, Vicar, Simon Cotton, Neil Cotton, Mrs. Cotton, Aubrey Fox-Cotton, Leda Fox-Cotton

Protagonist: Cassandra

Specific characterization:

Cassandra: narrator, smart, 17 years old, keeps her journals, in love with Simon, sister to Rose and Thomas

Rose: Hates living in poverty, oldest sister, becomes engaged to Simon, runs off with Neil in the end

Topaz: step-mother to Cassandra, loves that James is a writer, gets depressed when he doesn't talk to her, likes nature, works as a model

James: the father, wrote a best seller many years ago, hasn't written anything since but stays shut up in his little study, doesn't talk to anyone much, unsociable except to Mrs. Cotton, begins writing again by the end

Simon: brother to Neil, owns Scoatney now,  in love with Rose

Neil: loves America, runs off with Rose, owns a ranch

Thomas: brother to Cassandra, fifteen years old, still bikes to school every morning

Stephen: son of the deceased maid, was taken in by the Mortmain's, in love with Cassandra, gets a job in London for modeling for Mrs. Fox-Cotton

Symbolism: The cake knife: a symbol because Mr. Mortmain brandishing the knife is misinterpreted and is a misunderstanding. It shows the strife and misunderstanding throughout the book  

Miss. Blossom: symbolizes the lack of a maternal figure for the girls

The Belfast tower: symbolizes the family. It is a mixture of old and new

Allusions: there are references to Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Pride and Prejudice

Imagery: the entire castle in described bit by bit, and the land around the castle is described in detail

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