Israel By Jamar Ponder

What is the physical features are in Israel .Some of the physical features of Israel are the sea of galilee ,the Jordan river,gulf of aqaba,harmeron,and the dead sea.The religion in Israel is a feature of the country and plays a major role shape Israeli culture and lifestyle and religion has played a central role Israel's history.Jews are naturally concerned about the well being and success of Israel ,and wish her to be safe. Israel speak jewish.slavic,abric,and,german.They capital city is jersulam.Jersalem is the capital of Isreal,though not internationally recongized as such,and one of the oldest cities in the word.Israel literacy rate is 97.1% that can read and write.They GDP is 242.9 billion.The government they have is a plarmentary democracy.They have to be 18 to vote.They have minerals,tibmer,and cl

Israel population is 7,765,700.Most people live in Israel today because the country has a lot of opportunities in terms of investment . Another reason could be that is consider a holy and religious country and therefore people go therefor religious purpose.

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