The Man Who Wasn't There

The details:

In 2004, Richard Girgis, 32, had to come to the realization that his father murdered his mother. Prosecutors said Magdi Girgis, Richard's father was suspected of paying people to have Ariet Girgis killed at the couple’s Westminster home to avoid divorce costs and to keep from losing his livelihood. Girgis felt that there was "only one way out" of having to split assists with his wife if they were to get a divorce-- to silence her for good.

The mystery:

Who killed Ariet Girgis?

The sources:




The Victim:

The victim is Ariet Girgis and her two sons who had to lose their mother.

The suspects:

The younger son (Ryan), Madi Gargis (Richard's father), Richard Girgis (the husband), unknown black assailant who entered the home  

The evidence:

The women's throat was slashed and Ryan was tied up by intruders in their gated home.

The Proposed Narrator:

The 17 year old son Ryan

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