Megan Werlinger

Photography Portfolio

My Nature pictures:


I did this picture for an nature project. I love this photo because it singles out a flower out of the whole bush.


This picture really gets close to what spring is really about. Seeing the bee close at work really shows nature happening.

My Elements/Textures:


This is a picture of a little wheelbarrow in my yard. I love rustic things and how they look. I just wanted an another view point along with the texture of the wheel.

Nature texture

This picture you can really see the grooves and cracks in this branch. It really shows how old it is, and how it is creating new.

Texas Star

I love the imprint of the Texas star in a lot of things.But i love this because it looks like a fossil in the rock.

My Portraits:

Senior Pictures

This is a picture of my cousins girlfriend for her senior pictures. The outdoors really bring out her outfit and hair and face.


This is a picture of my uncle. He loves this motorcycle and this picture gives out an industrial manly look to him.


This is a picture of both of them together. I love that they both look genuinely happy in this photo.

My Photo Essay: Collection of Skies

Storm Coming

I took this picture as a storm was moving into town and Love how the contrast of the light sky and the dark collide.


I took this one in my yard as the sun was setting, the look of the trees and power lines really inspired this picture.

Strange Clouds

This was a day right after a storm, I've always seen strange forms of clouds but not like this. I just had to take a picture of them.

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