Marshall Syndrome

By Sophie Remington, Rafael Rosete, and Maya Neuman  
Block 4 3/11/13

~The symptoms of Marshall Syndrome include short nose, flat nasal bridge, large eyes, thick lips, and flat midface.

~Marshall Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder which means you only need to get the gene from one parent to get this disease.

~Marshall Syndrome is very common.

~There is no medicine for Marshall Syndrome. There are some ways to prevent getting through, first get regular hearing checks. Second, visit an ophthalmologist and a eye doctor. Lastly, they should get outside and do a lot of sports and activities.

~Marshall Syndrome can be passed on by a mother to her child if she has the disorder.

~Marshall Syndrome is rare disorder that characterized by a distinctive face and vision and hearing damage.

~Marshall Syndrome is caused by mutations in the COL11A1 gene, which is needed in the tissue.

~ Marshall Syndrome can be diagnosed based on appearance and symptoms.

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