1/28/15  What I agree and disagree on.

One thing I agree is being loyal to your family because being loyal to your family shows that you're grateful for your family. Helping in any way is a way of being loyal to your family and it shows that you are willing to help anytime. Being loyal to family shows your appreciation for them.

Another thing I agree is that everyone should follow the law because without the law people would do anything they want and the world would go crazy. The law punishes those who truly deserve it and protects the innocent. Some people disagree because they think it's unfair but most laws are there for a reason.

One thing I disagree on is that our lives are fated to play out in certain ways, I think that's superstitious and crazy. It's because of your actions that your life plays the way it does. Fate doesn't make sense because it doesn't have a form or anything it's just something people say to make things more dramatic.

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2 years ago

Nathan, good ideas and cleanly written. You need to provide specific examples, though, to validate your opinions.