K-12 Mobile Learning Options

Edu 210 Module 9


VoiceThread is an application that allows users to create presentations with their own embedded recorded audio.  This app promotes interaction through various modes. It functions as both an auditory and visual communication tool. Students can create their presentations and publish them publicly, sharing their work with the world. The comment function allows students to critique or ask questions of their online peers.

Nova Elements

Nova Elements is a chemistry app that engages students with technology. The interactive periodic table invites students to rediscover the elements and even allows you to build them. By deeply exploring the structures and characteristics of elements chemistry students will develop a greater understanding of the subject in connection to the world around them. 

Bobo Explores Light

Bobo Explores Light is an app that introduces elementary level students to the science of physics. It provides us with "kid friendly" explanations and experiences. Bobo guides us though experiments, videos, animations, and trivia. This app fosters an element of scientific curiosity in students by simply showing them how interesting and fun the world of science can be. 


Proloquo2go is an app that aids students with speech difficulties to communicate using a "natural -sounding text-to-speech" system with a library of over 14,000 words, symbols, and conjugations. Students can utilize the word rich library to express themselves as the app is well suited for a wide range of language skill levels. This app makes communicating more efficient and natural by supporting core and basic vocabulary groupings.

Journal Jar

Journal jar is fantastic creative writing app that promotes communicative ingenuity. Student's shake their mobile device to initiate the apps topic prompt. Once the app provides you with the topic is allows you a short period (5-10) minutes to develop an idea and elaborate on it. This a wonderful tool to begin any writing process as it quickly cultivates creative writing.  

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