Best Team Ever Created!!

F.C Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world.
also the cartoons  F C Barcelona because mardrid sucks.

Barcelona is the best team that has ever been created and real Madrid is at second place.

Thats what happens when you are from real madrid. You lose And when you lose you die. when you win you live for a long time until you lose and die and start all over again.

My favorite subject at school is P.E because its very fun. Its also because we play all kinds of sports. At P.E we have watergame and we get wet we slide we do all j=kinds of things. :)

My favorite sport is soccer because i am good at it and because it is very fun. What i like about soccer is that we play with a soccer ball and that we can play wherever we want.

I am also a very big fan of volleyball because we jump and it i very fun and easy. Every time i jump to kill i fill free and happy. Because i am taking my stress out.

i am also a basketball fan and i love Michael jordan. His the best basketball player ever seen. At basketball i also feel free because every time i jump to score i feel like i can fly. At the next slide you will see how.

Thats who i feel.

This is my favorite type of dog because they are cute and also because they can protect the house. Also because when they grow they are enormous.

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