Water Ecosystems

By Kassidy

Water Eco

Water Ecosystems are anything living and non living. Thats a lot of stuff thats belongs in an ecosystem! Bodies are the diffrent pools of water. Here are some bodies of water: The Ocean, A Stream, A Pond  and a Lake. Bodies don't have to be big like a body can be a backyard pool or a glass of water! When a fresh water stream runs into the ocean it makes an estuarie. The ocean has countless ecosystems.

The ocean has ecosystems like: salt water, waves, flounder, kelp, jellyfish, shrimp and lots more!

The pond has less ecosystems then the ocean, but has: fresh water, still water, leech, frogs, moss and much more!

The stream runs so only certain things can lives here like: fresh water, running water, moss, trout and much more!

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