Butch Walker and his wife Nora, LA Life

Butch Walker wife Nora live in the city of Los Angeles. This Southern California city is well known for a great deal of things, which is a nice fact because it really depends on who you are and how you see it. Some people know it because of Hollywood and that works for them. Some people know Los Angeles for its many beaches. Some people know Los Angeles for its famous freeway’s. Others may just know that attractions like Disneyland are there. For Walker, Los Angeles is home base for his thriving career in the field of music. He is a well-known and famous music producer that has gained a claim throughout a 25 year career. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. He has produced records and written songs for many of the top acts and he is also a successful solo artist. He has released a number of albums that have been very successful over the years and his latest was released in early 2015 it is called ‘Afraid of Ghosts’. The album is his first since 2011 and was released on the Dangerbird label. It has already gained widespread critical acclaim and he is actively performing in front of audiences across the country in support of the album. Living in Los Angeles is an ideal location for his music as it allows him to be close to and connect with a great deal of other musicians in the industry. He is always just a hop skip and a jump away via the international airport of Los Angeles international and many artists also accordingly fly into town to record music as well.

Butch Walker and his wife Nora - writing literature

Many see musicians as artists that have a certain niche in music. Some can actually write music, some can actually write lyrics. There are even some that can barely do either, and there are the “other” type of musicians that can do it all. Being able to write literature has its intense moments where thought in mind can trick the message that wants to be portrayed. Many say that a lot of musicians are so great at what they do because music is the way that they channel how they feel and think. There are many things that can be overlooked in regards to how a person can self-reflect and put it down in black and white. In 2011, “drinking with strangers “a book about the personal aspect of the career Butch Walker was released. It was a major accomplishment for him and his career.

For Butch Walker and his wife Nora it was the openings the chapter in an incredible career that has spanned over 25 years of an artist that has put so much into his music and how it has been part of his personal life as well. The book was a major success, and explained the roots of his career and how he left Georgia at a very young age to come to Los Angeles and make it as a big band on the “Strip”. In the book he explains just about everything that had happened since the beginning of his musical journey. He explains the fun times and the dark times in the music scene.