The Dynasties of China

You are creating a Tackk about the accomplishments of the four dynasties we have studied this unit.  Your goal is to clearly explain your knowledge of the accomplishments of the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties.

Step 1:  Information

Create 8 sections for each of the 8 accomplishments of China.  

Each section should have the dynasty and accomplishment in the "Headline"

Your information should be detailed.  It will include 4-6 sentences, explaining why your accomplishment has helped China and/or our world today.

Step 2:  8 Pictures

Each accomplishment will have a picture to help us visualize your information.

Step 3:  2 Videos

One video will be one that you create with your partner.  You can demonstrate an accomplishment, create a gameshow to highlight your accomplishments, or create a song to explain an accomplishment(s).  You an be as creative as you want.

The second video will be one that you have found online and would like to add somewhere in your presentation.