Edgar's Life

When Edgar was three year old his, mother died of sickness, his father deserted him. He had two siblings. An older brother named  William and a younger sister named Rosalie When his parents were dead other people had to take care of them. So, he went to live with the Allen's. By thirteen he knew different languages and he started to try to write poems and stories. Most of them were dark ( Example OF Dark Poem ) but he made ones funny ,happy one that he got made fun of for and then he burnt it. When he was 23 years old he married his first cousin. But before he got married his ''foster parents"died.Then she and Poe became ill, and Poe's wife lately died. Then after most of his family died he was into drugs, and became sick and one of last word were,"lord help my poor soul." Then died at the age of 40.

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