By:juliana l.


Do you like to make cookies?If you want to learn how to make cookies,this book can teach you how,hope you like it! And donĀ“t  forget,decorate your own style!


To make cookies you need the following ingredients: butter(colanta),with no salt,flour and XXX sugar.The most important ingredient is half little cup of brandy(aguardiente),and no more than half little cup.


step 1: get a bowl.Make sure the bowl is not broken.Inside put the butter(1pound).Mix till its creamy.

step 2: now, inside the bowl put the XXX sugar(1/2 pound).mix till its creamy.

step 3: now,get the brandy(aguardiente) in the bowl,mix till its creamy.

step 4: now, put the flour(1 1/2 pound) inside the bowl little by little,and mix till the mix gets out of your hands.

step 5: get the mix out the bowl ready to be shaped.


Now that the mix is ready to be shaped,get all the molds you like,to shape the mix.

Once you have all the shapes,put them in the oven.


With the cookies shaped in a mold tray,shove the cookies in the oven (7-8 mins),with 180 Celsius ( grados ).After a while,take the cookies out the oven. let the cookies cool.


When the cookies are cool,decorate however you want!


mold-figures you use to give shape to things.

mold tray-things you use to put food and plates.

XXX sugar-a kind of sugar

cool-to get cold( a little bit).