By: Merin Kolte


Afghanistan is a landlocked country in the Middle East. It is an Islamic nation with an estimated population of around 31.8 million people. There are many issues in Afghanistan. Due to their strict religious beliefs, women's rights are widely suppressed and the economy suffers immensely due to on going conflict and terrorism. Conflict with other nations has been a big problem in Afgahnistan, however major problems between Afgahnistan and the United States began after 9-11 when a terrorist group, al-Qaeda,  high jacked U.S. planes and tried to run them in to major U.S. buildings. Because it was clear that the Taliban helped the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, in the attack, the United States decided to go to war in Afghanistan in 2001. After ten years of war, bin Laden was found and killed in 2011. It was then that president Obama stated that his goal was to stop all combat in Afgahnistan by 2014.


Recently the United States has been working on easing tension and violence in Afghanistan. One surprising fact however, was that 2014 was the deadliest year for civilians since the UN began counting such deaths in 2009. Unfortunately for the civilians of Afghanistan, the Taliban, who has a lot of power in the country, is an extremely violent group that terrorizes civilians. On 24 March 2015, thirteen people were killed after being forced from a bus by masked gunmen in eastern Afghanistan. Although the Taliban has been active in the area, it denied that it was responsible for the killings, and said that it would attempt to identify the gunmen. President Ghani met with Obama that same day and asked him to slow the evacuation of U.S. troops from Afghanistan to help deal with situations such as the bus incident. Obama later announced that 9,800 U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan through 2015. The role the U.S. plays in Afghanistan has shifted from that of violent attack, to aiding and protecting the civilians. On 9 April, Taliban members dressed as military personnel attacked the attorney general's office in capital of the northern Balkh province, killing at least five people. On 10 April, Taliban memebers launched attacks on Afghan government soldiers in the mountainous Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan, killing at least twenty. Afghan officials said that the violence was likely the result of foreign Taliban forces that had entered the area, possibly with ties to al-Qaeda, rather than the local Taliban.


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