I know blogs really aren't popular anymore and all but hey- this is pretty cool!! And I needed something, and somewhere to write out my toughs, my feelings. And even though nobody will read this, I'll still write random shit.
And I didn't know what photo I should upload along with this, so here you go. Bangkok. The crappy place I get to call home. Yeah, Bangkok, Thailand, land of smiles, blue skies, hot weather, happy nice people: many people's depiction of paradise. Well I hate to break it to you but after having to put up with this all my life. I think I'm sick and tired of blue skies and heat. I wish there could be shitty London weather, or cold. Snow. I really wish it snowed. Oh and here, they don't have any decent museums, or many bookstores. The stuff you can get a chattuchak market may be cheap and all but seriously. I wish I could move. I want to be able to enjoy a walk, without fearing getting murdered by a bunch of savage cars. I'de love it if the side walks were bigger. Actually. I'de love it if there WERE any sidewalks.
Don't get me wrong, Bangkok, and Thailand, has many great people living in it, and it is a great place, but I need a change.

Oh and if you're still reading. Then welcome to my ramblings.

I must warn you, its gonna get pretty boring.

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