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How has data sharing affected you and your?

Albertsons is now the latest organization to be breached, which could potential land our sensitive financial and personal data in the hands of those meaning to do us harm.

Albertsons is the second largest supermarket in North America after The Kroger Company.

Data breaches are becoming more and more relevant; the protection and monitoring elements of organizations, institutions, industries and yes government are not sufficient or effective in handing attacks dominating weak security methods. Largely because, it’s not cost effective to protect the consumer!

It is easier to compensate a CEO for failure, offer consumers a lack luster apology with a 10% off coupon, than to invest in true security of their systems.

If you or yours has visited or conducted business with Target, Home Depot, and now Albertsons the likelihood you or yours have been victimized and your sensitive financial and personal data is in the hands of wrongdoers has significantly risen.

Just in the time it took me to writing this post a new data breach has occurred. JP Morgan Chase is now the latest company which has been compromised.

Data breaches have been around for years and the impact is disturbing.

10 Worst Data Breaches of All Time

Data breaches are not the only culprits related to our financial issues and concerns. Error, inaccuracies, and outdated information in our profiles are equally to blame. 44% of individuals hate talking about finances.

It’s time to get financially fit! It’s time to move past the shame, fear or embarrassment of financial issues or concerns.

You are not alone!

I can only provide the information. I can only give you the resources to combat the problem. You are the only one who can get it done.

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