My Hero
                 "    Cailtlyn Jenner "

My Hero "Computer sciences Project "

Crossroad Accelerated Academy at Meade

1601 North 18 street , Philadelphia,PA 19121

By Mariela Ferreira

My hero is Bruce Jenner. WHY? well he wasn't afraid to show who he really is  to the world . Bruce had years was hiding who he really wanted to me "Cailtlyn" a women . Bruce wanted to be free since a little  boy but he didn't know how to tell his family or  the people he loved who he really was inside. Bruce used to get up at night to dress up like Cailtlyn not letting his kids or his wife see him. Every time his kid asked Bruce to cut his hair, He would cry, Because his kids didn't know what he was going through.

I support Bruce Jenner and he's my hero because so many people have this problem or just letting others know who they really are. Bruce Jenner or may I say Cailtlyn Is inspiring other that they can show who they really are, that they can be free, hes say who cares live your life, it doesn't matter what people think about you ? BE HAPPY!

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