important stuff

a imporatant person to me is my mom cause she always did alot for me she raised me gave me money taught me how to do things that i need for life in the future and choices ive mad her opinion made me realize somethings i did wasnt bright she gives me a place to lay my head a place to eat and safety she is important cause some people dont have mothers who do that or mothers who can spend time with there kids as much as my mom spends time with me you have to think about things like that and be grateful for those things cause other people dont have things and act snotty and ungrateful another reason she important cause she put up with me and thats not easy to deal with how she treats me is important because others parents treat them different she on my side when even i do wrong thats why shes important shes important because she works 2 jobs for me so she can support me and my youngins cause if she didnt do it things would be hard but she work hard for us i wouldnt even get some of things i got if she didnt work

important thing

a important thing to me is my dogs because ive had them every since they were little and sometimes they do goofy things to cheer me up or they can tell when im not in a mood so they bump me so they get my attention another thing why there is important is because they protect me and my family when someone invade are space or are house cause they care for us like we care for them and they respect us by being potty trained and not chewing on are values they are friendly and not viscious only if we or them are threatend by a stranger another reason why there important is because they bring are family together and something to talk about at the dinner table of what they did today

a important place to me is a basketball court because i feel i can go there and get away from everyone when i need time alone and take shots to get things off my mind the description of the court is shoes on the floor squeaking polished gym smell alot of talking on the court while people are playing and swoosh noise from shooting on the hoops also bang from the ball goin of the backboard and hitting the rim when i play the description of the court be big spaced out lines you can see on the court as you run other players talking crap people yelling words out that will blow you off to miss a shot saying something about your mom people screamin ouch when they get fouled or fake saying ouch so they can get a foul you see a orange ball being passed around and threw around sit down huffing and puffing ball being bounced of hard wood floor thumping noise you smell sweaty after words you smell stinky shoes and sweaty socks you smell other people musty for playing you smell fresh if you put on refreshing things like me you hear others asking for your drink or others water

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