Martin Luther King Jr

By: Logan Rathjen


Listen to paragraphThere were a lot of people who changed the world and Martin Luther King Jr was one of them.He changed the world by letting black people have the same rights as white people in 1963.Martin’s most popular speech called “I have a dream Speech”made history.Martin was known for his childhood because he grew up dreaming to change the unfair rights.At Martins Adult hood he knew what he wanted to do change the unfair rights for good!Martins goals were hard to reach but he knew in his head he could do it!After the unfair rights were changed Martin's accomplishments were to get the Nobel Peace Prize.Martin changed not only the world and himself.After four years from his “I have a dream speech” Martin was shot dead on his balcony of his two floor room.At his funeral over 100,000 people followed his coffin down the streets of Atlanta. After his funeral FBI made the biggest investigation in FBI history and it all lead up to a person who escaped from a Missouri prison in 1967.


Martin was born January 15, 1929 and when he was five he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up.Martin’s father was a minister and he was in charge of the children’s moral.Martin loved sports like football and baseball.Martin's mother told him “even though some people make you feel mad or angry, you should not show it”.When Martin found out about the Jim crow laws at a young age he thought the world was full of hurtful things.Martin’s first time walking into Jim crow laws when him and his father walked into a shoe store and the clerk said “we don’t serve you people here”.Martin was crushed that this is what america has turned into.Martin always hated when he saw white people picking on black people and he wanted to make a change.But he didn't know how but he trusted himself to believe that he could make a change.His mother and his father were his motivations to success.Martin did very well in school and his grade were super good.Everyday Martin would tell himself to just be himself.

Adult Hood

Listen to paragraphMartin grew up to walk in his father's footsteps and became a minister at  the baptist church.In 1955 Martin led the bus boycott because black people sat at the back of the bus and he wanted to make a change.So he told everybody to walk insted of ride the bus and it was so powerful that some white people didn’t even ride the bus.So congress had to change the law or buses would make no money.Martin went to jail in 1960 but however John F. Kennedy released him but two years later he went back to jail in 1962.In 1963 Martin lead the Cival rights movment that lead up to his famos speech called “I have a dream” speech that was so powerful the next year congress enacted the Jim Crow law the same year Martin won the Nobel Piece Prize.Four year later Martin was on a balcony outside of his second floor room at 6:05am then a bullet was fired at Martin and then he fell to the ground dead.Martin funeral was held at Atlanta the next day.Over 100,000 people followed Martin’s coffin thourgh the streets of Atlanta.

Martin’s Goals

Martin had lots of goals but one of them was to stop the Jim Crow law because he thought that black and white people should have the same rights.Martin’s goal was to convince congress to enacted the Jim Crow law.But he knew it was not going to be easy.So he had to start out small by leading the 1955 bus boycott.Then as Martin worked his way up to reaching his goal but police tried stopping him by putting him in jail but everybody knew you could not stop Martin Luther King Jr.On the day of October 14, 1963 have dreamed of this day all his whole life it was the day he gave his most famous speech “I have a dream speech”th convinced congress to enacted the Jim crow law.But Martin just didn’t want to change the world he wanted to make his mother and father proud too.


Martin was a person who would have so many accomplishments because of how famous he was back in 1963 when he did his “I have a dream speech” that changed the world!The year later Martin won the Nobel Peace Prize and congress changed the Jim crow law for good!Martin also change the bus boycott law too in 1955 and after that he just took off!He couldn’t stop he was so detrimen to fight to change the law and make the world a better place.Martin’s most biggest accomplishment was he made his parent’s proud. Everyone thought of Martin and what he did to change the world and that it would go down in history forever.


Listen to paragraphMartin Luther King Jr was a Man for words.Martin’s whole childhood he dreamed and in his adulthood he dreamed to change the Jim crow law.Martin had a ton of goals and accomplishments that he made come true.Martin was the bravest and courageous person ever.So remember this,if somebody ask you about Martin Luther just say “There were a lot of people who changed the world but Martin was one of them.

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