USB Drive Duplicators – The Pros And Cons Of The System

Data duplication and storage is something that can have all of us in a tizzy sometimes. Using a DVD for the task is just isn’t enough and in most cases, we just keep looking for a better and more economical means to get our data out. And there is always the fact that DVDs are more restrictive in terms of storage space. This is where having a USB duplicator available at hand can help save the day.

Like any other media, USB duplication has its own set of pros and cons. Let us look at what they are to understand how this media can help you out.


Memory: In case a 4GB DVD wouldn’t be enough for your requirements, you can use USB memory sticks that come with bigger memory capacities. These storage devices can even go up to 512GBs worth of memory space which will be more than enough for any data that you are trying to replicate.

Versatility: The media is quite versatile and easily lends itself to customisation. USB duplicators offer many kinds of features that make corporate level data replication easy and convenient. Plus, you can easily add your branding data on the memory stick for that added professional touch.

Re-usability: This happens to be the biggest advantage of using USB memory sticks for the purpose of data dissemination. You can choose to partition your memory sticks when they are duplicated, so that any unused space on it can be used by the recipient. That way your company logo is always in front of the user. A CD or DVD cannot be re-used and may well just get viewed once and then lost in a drawer or a pile of other marketing material.

Data security: USB duplication service providers offer a wide array of features in connection with data security. The data will be non-erasable, copy protected, password protected and even unprintable if you need it to be so. There is absolutely no need to worry about data security, copy protection and digital rights management with this media.


Cost: With the many added advantages available as part and parcel of USB duplication systems, there is one major drawback that comes up while making the choice. USB duplication happens to be substantially more expensive than DVD duplication and these extra budget strains are something you must consider in detail. On the upside however, as with most things, the more you order, the lower the unit cost. When you consider the array of advantages above and the requirements of your project, the cost trade off is usually easy to swallow.

Time: You can expect that people opting for USB duplication have large amounts of data to be managed, especially when compared to DVD duplication that has a 4GB cap. This means that the entire process will take a significantly longer time to complete and in case you have a tight deadline, you should reconsider your choice of media altogether.

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