Inca Occupation

The occupation during the Inca civilization was very good for them. They were very skilled at different things that almost all people have jobs.

The Incas also believed that to please their god and bring about good fortune was for them to sacrifice virgin girls, or "Virgins of the Sun". They would be taken from their parents at the age of 8-10 and live in the temples. They were like pigs raised for slaughter, at a time the will be sacrificed to their God, but if chosen will be one of the king's fair maidens or "Coya".

Another type of occupation was herding. Herders would take their herds of alpaca and llamas to the cold mountains and protect their livestock from vicious predators.

Craftsmen were very well trained to make jewelry, military weapons and golden idols. They were well respected and honored.

Weavers held the most essential position in the land. They manufactured clothes, quilts, baskets and thick, multipurpose ropes. Their products were usually made of llama wool.

And finally there are the sorcerers. They acted like witch doctors and used their spells to heal the sick. They were also able to read omens, cast spells and lift curses.

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