Red Kayak Final Assessment

By: Aish, Bailey, And Kiyana


13 year old boy ( Brady Parks ) lives on a Chesapeake Bay. He likes to krab and go oyster fishing with his friends J.T (Jeremy Tyler) and Digger ( Michael Griswold ). Something bad happened when the Di’Angelos red kayak sinks. There son Ben was in the kayak and his brain got damaged because he was in the water for too long. Brady wants to know whether it really was an accident or was to get back at Mr. D'Angelo's for tearing up Diggers grandpa’s farm up and built a house.


  • Priscilla Cummings was a newspaper reporter before she became an author
  • Annapolis, Maryland lives
  • We have two cats named Mr. Charles Bingley (Mr. B. for short) and Romeo.
  • I enjoy reading, playing the piano and taking long walks.


The characters are Brady Parks ,J.T(Jeremy Tyler),and Digger(Michael Griswold).Digger was a not really a good person,he smoked and did bad things including killing Ben.J.T was a good person and he didn't want to hurt anyone.Brady is also a good person.


grief is keen mental suffering or distress or affliction or loss; sharp sorrow;painful regret. ( denial, anger, Bargaining, depression, Acceptance )


friendship is when you can trust someone with all your secrets and will always have your back.


                     the truth is better than a lie although the truth may hurt more

                                             character vs character

           = Brady vs Ben , Brady goes through grief when Brady loses Ben

                                                character vs society

     = Brady tells everything he knows about Bens death ( J.T and Digger killed Ben )


we give the Red Kayak a 4 out of 5 because it hooked our attention, and it had lots of suspense. It also had interesting details and events in the story. The reason why we didn't give it a 5 out of 5 is because it didn't pass our expectations.

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3 years ago

I think this book was amazing. But it would really be helpful if y'all had pictures, and gave more information on the book! Thanks -Shaylie <3