Top 5 Engagement Ring Ideas for Your Wife To-Be

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. And for guys out there who are planning to propose to their long-time girlfriend, it is about time to find the best ring to impress them. An engagement ring is among the most vital component of a proposal. After all, the proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime (or not) occasion so it is best to make it special. The good thing, nowadays, is that most jewelleries are offering personalized designing of rings for your needs. The good thing about customized rings is that you are able to put your own touch to it, making it more special and unique. And who does not love unique? For sure, a unique engagement ring will make your girlfriend feel that she is really valued and special.

If you are already looking to buy engagement ring, following are some of the designs you may want to see to be inspired in having your ring customized.

1. The Elegant & Classic Verragio Ring

As soon as your girlfriend sees this elegantly designed diamond ring from Greis Jewelers, there is almost no reason why she will say 'no.' With its intricately designed diamond ring, your live for your girlfriend will prove timeless like this ring.

2. Erica Courtney's Charlotte Ring

There are no words to explain how luxuriously designed this ring is. It is a platinum pave ring with a large diamond in the center. This ring is available in other colors: The 18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold.

3. David Yurman Crossover Ring

This twin bands of pave diamonds will surely surprise your wife-to-be. Buy engagement ring like this for your girlfriend and she will totally say yes to you, yes to being with you forever.

4. This Dazzling Solitaire Harmony Ring from H. Sena

Being among the most famous jewellery in Singapore, H. Sena offers different classic and elegantly designed engagement rings. This Solitaire Harmony Ring is a dazzling piece of art that is surrounded by precious diamonds, all attached to an 18K white gold band. This is a very timeless ring that will surely appreciate in terms of value through time. If you are looking to buy engagement ring, H. Sena is among the top shops to see.

5. This Fine Piece of Diamond Jewellery from Arhaus Jewels

This is another classic and timeless diamond ring. Its band is of white gold and it is surrounded by fine diamonds.

Diamon rings are indeed expensive, but if you really love your wife-to-be, it is best to give her something special. However, if you buy engagement ring, make sure that you are not overspending. Make sure that it is still within your budget. After all, what matters is your love for one another.