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Clara's Journal

Your Headline

Journal Entry #1

Hello, my name is Clara Buckley. I live in Richmond, Virginia. I have a twin sister named Anna. We are 17 years old. My sister has a husband named John and she has no children. I have a husband named, Bruce. My husband and I live next door to my sister and her husband. I am on the Confederate side because they are my hometown and I believe in the same rights as they do. Also, we had tons of slaves growing up because we are very wealthy. I work as a nurse for the 52nd brigade. I have a husband and a twin sister named Clara, my mother died while giving birth to me and my sister. My father is now married to our step mother, who is 18. Her name is Elizabeth. I love my family.

Journal Entry #2

Lexi; Hello sir Mason; Greetings miss Lexi; Ewe you’re a union Mason; Ewe you’re a confederate Lexi; We are frenemies Mason; you’re a goober Lexi; My bad Mason; Woah look at that horse it is gigantic Lexi; that is so tope mason; It is so supersize Lexi; Those muffins over at the bakery are filled with awesomity, they are making my bread basket hungry! Mason; yeah they are super tope Lexi; well bye Mason; brb

Journal Entry #3

Dear Bruce,

Life at camp is very hard. I feel so tired every single day, but I guess there can be some fun parts of being here. Currently I am camping out in a small town in Pennsylvania. Every morning we get up. We have 10 minutes to eat and get dressed. Then we go to our stations to help the sick and the dying. It is very sad because about half of the people that come in to get help end up dying. At night it is fun though because we get to have some fun with friends.


This picture above is what my campground looks like. The tents we sleep in are very small and we do not get a lot of food to eat.

We eat breakfast, get dressed, and go right to work.

Journal Entry #4

Interview with Jeremiah Handley

Jeremiah, when you chose to stay home with your mother, what caused you to make that choice?

What caused me to make that choice was because my mother is very sick and seeing her slowly dying each day just made me so upset. I could not bare to leave her alone with no help, so I decided to stay home and help her recover from her sickness.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

Something that I am proud or happy about is that I enlisted in the Army very close to home so I could still care for my mother but at the same time I can still make money by being in the war.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Something that I wish was different would probably be, having all of my family back and having slaves again and being rich.

Jeremiah, overall how has your life been so far?

Its been rough but fun at times. I wish I could change some things but overall it has made me a stronger person, and I am looking to go forward in life.

Sound the bells the rebels are coming. bear your muskets bring your toughest u the rebels are coming To the U To the N To the I To the O To the N This land belongs to the righteous men Battle for freedom You will be defeated We have power You will cower.

This is one of the weapons they used during the battles.

Journal Entry #5

Dear Father,

Camp life can be really boring at times. We sometimes have absolutely nothing to do. We play games and sometimes we sew cloths together.  We also love to play cards and to sit by the campfire at night. My favorite camp food is berries. I pick them off of bushes and eat them. So far camp is good.


Journal Entry #7

The are a lot of illnesses that happen here at camp. Like Typhoid Fever, diarrhea, lung inflammation, and Dysentery. These are all deadly diseases. How you cure most of these is just resting and eating medicine. But most of the people died if they got  this disease. Since I am a nurse I see patients every day with these diseases. Most of them die. It is very sad trying to help these soldiers get better when they are beyond sick. Overall, these are really bad diseases and you need to be careful here at camp.

Love, Clara

Sometimes we would have fun and joke around with the soldiers.

Journal Entry #8

Life at war here has been tough. But thankfully the war has finally ended. I can come home now! I am so joyful. When I walked through the door to my house with my sister Anna next to me we were so happy to see all of our family in the living room waiting for us. They all hugged us so tight and we all started crying tears of joy. I was so happy and just thankful to make it out of the war alive and to come back home and to now live a normal life again.

This is my House where I grew up and still live today.
Color Picture: This is a flag.

Journal Entry #6

To the R

To the E

To the B

To the E

To the L

To the S

The Rebels are coming, we are gonna win!

Put down your muskets cause you do not stand a chance.

We are strong you are not

Just back down now!

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