Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard is a medium sized cat in the cat family.

Description of Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are slightly smaller than other big cats. They weigh from twenty five to fifty five kilograms. They have lots of dots that are black and only showing a bit of white.

The Habitat of a Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopards' habitat is tree lines on mountains meadows and in rocky regions such as tall,snowy,rocky mountains.

The Snow Leopards Shelter

The Snow Leopards' shelter is high mountains with snow  covering it. It also shelter in fresh forest with fresh green grass.

The Snow Leopards biological Relationships

Snow Leopards are Apex preditor on the food chain. They are really good at hunting big and small.

Life cycle

Food Chain/Web

The food chain is Mountain Goats,Sheep,Wild Swine and a few other animals.

Snow Leopards Biomes

The biomes for the Snow Leopards are Tundra,Ice Biome,High Mountain Biome and Snow Biome.

Interesting Fact

The Snow Leopard is threatened and on a scale of one to seven it is on the four mark.  A Snow Leopard has two really big,curved teeth at the top and at the bottom.


I had got this infomation from the folowing websites:Google Images,Geographic and Wikipidia.


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