On June 28,` 1914 this was the car Ferdinand and his wife got shot dead riding in this car in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip. This is ultimately what started World War 1.


Artillery was the most important weapon in World War 1

The majority of the human loses during WW1 were caused by heavy artillery guns. The main categories of artillery were field types, heavy artillery and, super heavy or long range artillery. The germans artillery was the most advance technology during WW1. It was very mobile with accurate long range capability.

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Tanks were being developed during WW1

WW1 created the development of tanks as an alternative to trench warfare. The first tanks were highly unreliable but as they technology improved they became highly effective against traditional trench warfare.

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Soliders’ life in WW1

The soldiers in WW1 had very difficult living conditions. The trenches were dirty and smelly with many diseases. They were fearful because they were scared of being attacked. They came up with a saying called no man’s land because not one solider wanted to pass over this area when going from one trench to the next because that’s where the enemy could see you and kill you.

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Even without being killed by enemies, people were still dying from disease like Cholera. There was also rats that grew to the size of a cat because they were eating human remains. Frogs and beetles crowd all the trenches. Lice was also a problem so many soldiers shaved their heads to prevent it, but the nits still hid in the seams of their clothing.


Civilian women in the workforce

Women use to do domestic house work but left when the men went off to war. They began to replace the jobs men were suppose to do. Women became very efficient at replacing the men’s positions in work force.


Changes in women’s clothing during WW1

Skirts normally that were to the floor, were raised above the ankle, so they were able to move around easier. They also stopped wearing corsets because they needed to move freely in the workforce. Corsets prevented them from bending down and picking up/removing items. They stopped wearing lace blouses as well, and started wearing sturdy overcoats.


major destruction of WW1

There was many buildings that got destroyed during WW1.This shows the tragedy and deviation that was caused by WW1. This building was The Sugar Factory Bridge in in of Albert, in France.


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