Couch Potato - C7

WIK/What I Know

  • Gwen was on the couch
  • Luke is in a good mood
  • Mark is a tall skinny guy
  • Rat is muscular and he wears leather
  • Gwen's old house was inherited by her grandfather
  • Leila was a bartender
  • Leila sleeps a lot
  • Gwen and Luke haven't paid their taxes yet
  • Gwen and Luke are grown up to take care of themselves

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Gwen is reading a newspaper
  • Gwen was planning on building a wind turbine on top of their house
  • Luke and two friends are doing something illegal
  • Gwen is worried that Luke will get arrested
  • Tom was hurt
  • Tom is bleeding
  • Someone stole Tom's gas
  • Tom found out that Gwen is her neighbour
  • Tom came to see Luke
  • Gwen was hurt, that Tom didn't come to see her
  • Gwen is going to take some gas from Luke to give to Tom


Gwen Jones : Gwen seems like somewhat of a sensitive person. Gwen was hurt, because Tom didn't come to see her. He came to see Luke.

Leila Jones : Leila is a very lazy person. Leila seemed to only care about herself and her boyfriend. She slept a lot she doesn't even care about her kids.

Snap Shot

I am using this picture as my "snap shot" because, in this chapter it says that Leila is was a bartender. That's why I chose this picture.