oil sands

location and description

Alberta, the Athabasca, Peace River and Cold Lake

Bitumen is oil that is too heavy or thick to flow or be pumped without being diluted or heated. it is as hard as a hockey puck. it can be found 70 meters under ground.but most of it is deeper under ground

evironmental impcts

it generates green house gas,water contamination. and they cant drink that water anymore. the oil sands take 170 million cubic meter of land. it gives  cancer to fish and the people cant eat it anymore. all the oil gets in the water and gets polluted  

health concern

polluting the environment and maker  the fish and the wild game unhealthy for consumption. local drinking water unsafe. increase in rare cancers

opinion blog

I feel like the oil sands are bad for the environment because it harms everything near it. not only the water, the oil sands give fish cancer and brain tumors because of the water. the people that eat the fish can rare cancers that can kill them because they eat the food they have there they eat a lot of fish in fort chip. the further the development goes on the oil sands will make more and more green house gas. in the water  the arsenic is 1200x the amount it should be. that is really not safe for anyone. the oil sands are hurting everyone and everything near it. it should be stoped

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