Seiko Arctura Kinetic Chronograph Watches: Techno-tough, quirky Chronos

Seiko Arctura Kinetic Chronograph watches are no stranger to fans of offbeat luxury timepieces. They are visually interesting, exciting to wear and take a lot of throwing around, bumps, knocks and all sorts of abuse you can think of in both urban and a moderately-outdoor life.. The Arctura Kinetic chronos threw attractive propositions to watch lovers globally and were accepted, zero-rejections. Jorg Hysek’s designs reflected every bit of his 30+ years’grind in the watchdom. With Seiko, it bloomed further.

Not just the looks, the Seiko Arctura Kinetic chronograph watches exhibit refined functionality. It’s not easy to find quartz watches with sweeping seconds hands; the Arctura Kinetic Chronographs feature precisely sweeping seconds. There are five ticks every second, as good as some of the high-end automatics. The retrograde 45-minute counter is also one of the most precise; very uniquely designed for the typically forward-thinking crowd.

There’s nothing new to tell about the Kinetic movement; which is a mix of mechanical and electronic components. The power to run the watch is generated by the swinging rotor while the electrical charge it produces is stored by electrical cells inside prior sending it to drive other mechanisms. It’s the provocative dials and other arrangements that get the focus. They have been designed specifically to match each other optimally, including the well-integrated chronograph pushers and the way they go into the stainless steel case-sides.

Seiko Arctura Kinetic chronograph watches can run for almost 6 months after a full charge. This is another reason why the Kinetic movement has earned impressive remarks from the watch communities worldwide. The sapphire crystal is a proof that it can stand more than mere desk jobs; so do the tight integrations of the cases and the bracelets/straps/bands.

A lot of people find contrast polishing better on the Seiko Arctura Kinetic chronograph watches more visually attractive; while this is a matter of personal choice, it’s also true that such designs die hard. It brings uniquely timeless and futuristic looks that don’t get outdated so fast. They hold the movie star good looks for longer on the realistic time frame.

The Seiko alarm chronograph watch is what Will Smith should have worn in MIB. They are more than just fancy statements, yet miles from being very serious geek stuff. Seiko Arctura Kinetic chronograph watches never let anyone get inquisitive on your lifestyle issues; being techno-tuff is more desirable than floating in a state of heightened geekiness. But then again, all that’s inside the Seiko chronograph alarm watch are deep, geek exemplifications. If there’s a better word that describes the gear train amplification (10,000 RPM to 100,000 RPM ) of the rotor movement, go for it.